What to have for Breakfast

What to have for Breakfast

Though many people don’t feel like eating breakfast in the morning, a healthy breakfast will set you up for a day of high energy levels, stable blood sugar and help you maintain control over your appetite and weight.

A breakfast high in protein and fibre will give you energy and keep you feeling full for longer, whereas a breakfast high in sugar such as muffins, pastries and sugary cereal can leave you low in energy and craving a mid-morning sugar-fix. Plus, breakfast kick-starts your metabolism helping to keep you awake and alert all day.

Make time for breakfast and make it count!

SWAP: Sugary cereal 

WITH: Porridge topped with cinnamon.

WHY? Porridge contains fibre which keeps us feeling full. Cinnamon is a good way to add flavour without adding spoonfuls of sugar. It’s tempting to reach for something sugary in the morning for an energy boost, but it’ll leave you hungry and craving unhealthy snacks by mid-morning. There are lots of variations you can make of this – adding fruit, nuts and different flavours. Give it a go and you’ll soon see porridge doesn’t have to be a boring breakfast!

SWAP: Croissants or cereal bars

WITH: Greek yoghurt with berries and nuts

WHY? This should keep hunger at bay until lunch time. Greek yoghurt is high in protein and is a good source of probiotics which keep your gut healthy. The correct portion size is around ⅕ of a standard 500g tub. Bear in mind that while low fat yoghurt has fewer calories, it contains more sugar. Topping with berries is a good way to get one of your 5-A-Day and adding a handful of almonds can help to keep you feeling full and give you a dose of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. 

SWAP: A fry-up 

WITH: Poached or scrambled eggs, wholegrain toast, grilled tomatoes, avocado, grilled mushrooms, baked beans

WHY? Sausages and bacon, though delicious, aren’t particularly healthy as they’re processed and high in salt. So swap them for more vegetables. If you can’t fathom a full english without meat, go for a slice or two of grilled bacon with the fat removed. Eggs are a great source of protein, and protein makes us feel full!

SWAP: Fresh orange juice

WITH: Water!

WHY: We know it’s not the most exciting option, but water is always the best drink choice to make so try and wean yourself onto it if you’re not a fan. Fruit juice counts towards one of your 5-A-Day and contains vitamins and nutrients, but it contains a lot of sugar so try not to drink more than one 150ml glass per day. Replace that second or third glass with water. And bear in mind that eating a piece of whole fruit is much better as it contains fibre which is essential for a healthy body and which slows down the absorption of sugar.

SWAP: A latte

WITH: A black or white coffee. 

WHY: Lattes and Cappuccinos are milk-based so will naturally have a higher calorie content than water-based coffees. Milk is a source of calcium which is essential for healthy bones so you don’t need to cut out lattes and cappuccinos altogether, maybe just alternate between them and instant or filter coffee. Swapping a shop-bought milky coffee every so often will save calories (and money!) 

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