Water, the ultimate performance drink

Water, the ultimate performance drink

‘Win with Water’ campaign is a win across junior basketball teams

The Eagles Community Foundation works with young people across Tyne and Wear and South East Northumberland. The foundation has established a network of junior basketball clubs across the region with approximately 49 after school and community basketball club sites.

In recent years, the Foundation became concerned with the increased use of pop and sugary drinks during club sessions and competitions by young people, and wanted to empower these young people to reduce their consumption of sugary drinks and learn about the effects they have on their bodies and their teeth.

Soft drinks are the largest single source of sugar consumption for school-age children and teenagers and earlier this year it was reported by Cancer Research UK that teenagers are drinking the equivalent of almost a BATH FULL of sugary drinks every year!

Sugary drinks don't contain any nutritional goodness and are just empty calories. And despite what popular marketing may have us believe, the Eagles Foundation know that sugary drinks don't power performance, and that water is actually the ultimate performance drink!

With a grant from the Water Fountain Fund of the Children’s Health Fund in 2016, the Foundation introduced the ‘Win with Water’ campaign, a tap water hydration programme within all Eagles junior clubs and leagues targeting approximately 1,500 young people and their families. The Foundation introduced a Eagles Water Mission Statement and each junior player received a branded refillable sports water bottle and a booklet including tasks, sugar content in certain drinks, water diary, hydration facts and figures and fun puzzles.

The foundation has since put a blanket ban on sugary drinks across all of their clubs and their players are now powered by water!

Want to cut back on your sugar consumption? Take our sugary drinks challenge!

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