Top tips when you're losing motivation

Top tips when you're losing motivation

We know that keeping up motivation is really hard. Whether you’re bored in a routine, or not seeing the results that you want to. It’s really important not to give up though – you won’t regret sticking with it and getting healthier.

One of the biggest barriers to getting into a healthy routine is your mind. We’re creatures of habit, and if you’ve not done much for a while, finding the motivation to get up and go can be a real mental battle. But don’t give up!

If you feel your enthusiasm dipping at any point, here are our top tips to get back on track:

  1. Get a buddy. If you don’t already have one, find a friend or a relative to exercise with. Working out with a friend can provide support and make it much more fun – they also put pressure on you to turn up! 
  2. Become a DJ. Working out to your favourite music is a great way to get going - maybe take a bit of time to curate a playlist filled with upbeat songs which is the perfect length to let you know you’ve finished your workout.
  3. Schedule it. Plan your exercise at the start of the week and put it in your diary. Planning in advance when, how and where you will exercise will make exercise a normal part of your lifestyle. Even simple approaches like laying out your running kit or packing your gym bag the night before can help.
  4. Remind yourself why you wanted to get fit and healthy in the first place, and think about how much better you feel now than when you first started. Write it down and stick it on the fridge if it helps.
  5. Spread the word. Share your achievements with friends and family; it’s likely that you’ll get support and praise which will motivate you to keep going.
  6. If you’re not enjoying it, change it! If swimming isn’t for you, try basketball. If cycling isn’t your bag, have a go at a class. Have a look at our events calendar for options near you.
  7. Remember that the hardest part of exercising is getting out of the door – so once you’ve passed that hurdle, it should be plain sailing.
  8. And finally… accept that the occasional slip up is normal and instead of slipping back into old habits, keep going and don’t lose sight of why you started and what you have already achieved.

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