Social Running Groups

Social Running Groups

"There is no doubt running is good for you. It improves your self confidence, it helps you lose weight, it improves mental wellbeing and helps you to regain a life balance. 

The Social Run Groups, or SRG, are here to help people of all ages and abilities start running. The groups encourage and support new runners, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere.

Whatever your goals are from losing weight to getting fit, to running a 5k, 10k or more, the SRG groups are designed to host easy and enjoyable running sessions that are free to all and inclusive to all.

Based at ‘Up and Running’ stores, SRG is open and available to all, free of charge and no-one gets left behind. They are a great way to get into running, to help you reach your goals, and for you to meet new people. Once you have completed 5 runs, you get a free SRG tee shirt.

The Newcastle group meets on a Monday, ready to run at 6:30pm, based at 55 High Street, Gosforth. They have a beginners group that aims to help people get up to running 5k in six weeks, as well as a regular group that runs roughly 5k a session. It is proving popular and successful, with over 40 runners at last Mondays run.

The Darlington SRG also meets on a Monday, setting off at 6:30. It’s even more popular, with an average of 100 runners at each session.

There are SRG groups all over the UK. You can find a list at If you have any questions, feel free to contact your local Up and Running store and the staff will be more than happy to help."

- Article by Allison Palmer

Inspired to get active? Check out the Newcastle Can 5k training plan here.

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