Reclaiming the streets of Newcastle!

Reclaiming the streets of Newcastle!

Apply for your street to become a Play Street!

Residents of Newcastle can now apply to make their street a ‘Play Street’.

We’ve been working with residents in Jesmond, at the centre of Newcastle, and Newcastle City Council to bring back this old tradition which can see children play out where they live in a safe, traffic-free place.

Why playstreets?

Only 21% of boys and 16% of girls achieve the 60 minutes of physical activity recommended each day.

Playing out in the street gives children a chance to get out and get active outside their homes, not far from their families. It’s a chance for kids to play out in a safe traffic-free area where they can enjoy games, sports, skipping, cycling, hopscotch, playing tag – you name it!

Plus, Play Streets create new opportunities for socialising and friendships and have been proven to increase community cohesion. And it’s not just the children who can join in – adults can get involved as well, having fun with the kids and getting to know neighbours. 

Let’s reclaim our streets, and turn these open spaces into safe places where our children can play out, get active, get healthier and where we can get together and socialise.

Find out how you can apply HERE.

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