Raw Kale and Celeriac Salad

Raw Kale and Celeriac Salad

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Raw kale and celeriac salad

Tip: ‘Massaging’ raw kale with salt and vinegar is a great way to tenderise it.

Serves 3-4


300g bunch curly kale or cavolo nero (or a mix of both)

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

quarter of a medium celeriac – about 175g – peeled

1 tbsp olive oil

juice of half an orange (optional)

a handful of raisins

a scattering of pumpkin seeds (or other seeds or nuts)



Tear the kale leaves off their stalks, tearing them into rough pieces as you go. Put the kale leaves in a large mixing bowl with a couple of pinches of salt and the cider vinegar. Now get massaging: crush, squeeze and rub the kale with your hands for 3-4 minutes. You’ll see the leaves start to darken, wilt and reduce in volume.

Add the olive oil, and the orange juice if you’re using it. 

Grate the celeriac directly into the bowl with the massaged kale.

Add the raisins and pumpkin seeds and a little grinding ofblack pepper and mix well.

You can eat the salad straight away but it’s even better if you leave it in a cool place for an hour or two to soften and develop in flavour. Either way, just before serving, taste it and add more salt if necessary.

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