Preparing for weight loss

Preparing for weight loss

Losing weight can be hard, and keeping it off even harder. It requires discipline, perseverance and a willingness to make lifestyle changes. It doesn’t happen overnight, think about how long it took to gain weight, but it does happen!

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your weight loss journey. 

Set yourself a challenge 

Is there a certain amount of weight you want to lose for health reasons or to fit into the healthy BMI bracket? 

Do you want to drop a dress size or get into clothes that don’t fit?

Do you want to lose weight so that you can keep up with your children, grandchildren or your friends?Is there a 5k or a 10k run you want to take on? 

Or a big birthday or wedding coming up?

Do you want to enjoy being healthy as you get older and look forward to a long, fulfilled retirement?

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, or whether it’s just that you know you should, set yourself a challenge that matters to you. This is the first step, but only when you chose to take this challenge seriously. 

Set goals that you can reach

Set a realistic time for weight loss. It won’t happen overnight but losing 1-2lb a week is achievable. 

Keep your end goal firmly in mind, but along the way focus on small, attainable goals that will lead to long-term healthy changes. If you set hard-to-reach goals, failing to achieve them can lead to slipping back into your old habits.

Tips for setting goals

  • Write them down – stick them on the fridge, on the calendar, in your phone and cross them off as you achieve them.
  • Make small goals along the way – don’t just focus on the end goal, celebrate every success along the way
  • Focus on your health – set goals that don’t focus on just losing weight but improving your health too, switching the chips for potatoes, upping your veg intake, eating fresh food at each meal.
  • Think about the non-scale wins – losing a cm around your waist, dropping a dress size, just generally feeling better, people paying you compliments. Don’t focus it all on how much you weigh but on the other wins along the way too.
  • Plan for setbacks – think ahead to nights out or dinner parties, what steps can you take to make sure that you can still keep on top of your goals. 

Increase your awareness

Take some time to learn about the foods that are healthier for you and the foods that aren’t, the sort of portion sizes you should be having and the types of exercises that you can get involved in.

Check out our healthy eating and exercise content to do just that.


Set a date that you’re going to start your weight loss programme on. Tell your friends and family, ask them to help and support you. Get rid of the junk food, sugary drinks or tempting snacks in your house.

Take action

When you reach your start date, put everything you have prepared into action. If you’ve decided to stop unhealthy snacking, or to start exercising – whatever it might be – now is the time to do it and stick to it (no more ‘I’ll start tomorrow’!).

Maintaining progress and track goals 

Make a diary and track how you get on, what was hard, what was easier. What weeks did you lose weight, were there any that you didn’t or that you gained? This happens to everyone so don’t get down about it, just pick yourself up and keep going. It’s not a failure unless it means you give up altogether. Use any lapses along the way to help you learn about you and your journey.

Reward yourself and celebrate your successes

Celebrate the half pounds and pounds lost along the way, celebrate the extra lamppost reached on your walk or run. Don’t wait for the end result to feel good about yourself but celebrate all the mini goals along the way.

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