Newcastle Pharmacies Can!

Newcastle Pharmacies Can!

As of today (August 1 2017), it's even easier for to join Newcastle Can. As part of our work with the Newcastle City Council, we've established a great relationship with the pharmacies across the city, and they're all getting involved in the movement.

Beginning August 1st, every pharmacy across the city will have Newcastle Can information and advice as well as weighing scales. So you can drop in to any one of the 65 around the city, get some advice, see how you're doing with your weight and be a part of the city-wide campaign!

“There are 65 pharmacies across the city of Newcastle, all of whom are aware of the Newcastle Can movement. So, this means that anyone can visit their local community pharmacy to weigh themselves, to get healthy living advice and then sign up to Newcastle Can. I guess we see pharmacies as local Health and Wellbeing Hubs where people can get the support and good advice they need to achieve their weight loss goals!!”  Andre Yeung, Pharmacist Advisor, Newcastle City Council.

Image: Taken at Molineux Pharmacy, Byker

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