Orange Bus Can

Orange Bus Can

Orange Bus, a digital agency based in the heart of Newcastle, have taken on the Newcastle Can challenge. With a team set up and running on the website, they're embracing getting active and healthier together in the workplace.

Colleagues are using their lunch breaks to get fitter, healthier and lose a bit of weight together. They do HIIT classes, yoga sessions or simply go out for a walk or a run together (weather permitting!). It's all at no cost, they simply follow yoga and exercise classes available online (such as Fitbit Coach and Yoga Studio). They're also getting together on weekends to keep momentum going, sometimes doing local park runs together and are talking about doing a tough mudder together next year!

"It's about doing all the stuff that you know you should be doing, but as a team as you've got people there to motivate you." - Sarah Stokes, User Researcher

Orange Bus Can, Newcastle Can!

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