Newcastle Can…dump the junk at checkouts!

Newcastle Can…dump the junk at checkouts!

Newcastle Can is all about supporting people to live as healthy and happy life as they can.  To do this it is important that we keep an eye on what is happening across the country and at a national level.  This will help us to help the people of Newcastle find it easier to make healthy choices.  This could include replying to consultations on from the Government on things like food labelling, high energy drink sales or advertising junk food to children.

Right now, the government are consulting on the placement of unhealthy foods in all shops – the piles of junk food and drink and confectionary that we all see and get tempted by at the tills. This was a big focus for the BBC One’s Britain’s Fat Fight programmes that featured Newcastle Can last year and when they went out the support was huge.

Thousands and thousands of you tweeted at WHSmith (#WHSugar!) asking them to stop pushing chocolate at the checkout, and a twitter poll revealed that 92% of you wanted them to take action in this area. Of course, it’s not just WHSmith. There are many stores - both food and non-food - that do the same thing, placing high sugar and fat products at children’s eye line and right around the till.
Now is our chance to be heard! We are linking in with our partners at Food Newcastle to respond to the consultation with our view to end the product placement and price promotions which tempt us to eat and live unhealthily.

If you or an organisation you are linked to want to respond to the consultation go HERE and share what you think needs to change. You don’t have to complete every question but please do look and reply to questions 1, 4, 6, 11 and 20. The more consultations responses that the government get, the more likely we are to see real change. BY DOING THIS NOW YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 

It’s within our reach to change the system for the better, and forever: let’s use this opportunity to do just that, right now

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