Newcastle Can Turns One... But We're Not Stopping Here!

Newcastle Can Turns One... But We're Not Stopping Here!

This time last year, we launched Newcastle Can as a new way to tackle health and obesity. Our experiment aimed to encourage communities throughout the city to work and play together to get healthier and fitter… And we set ourselves an ambitious goal:  to see if Newcastle could lose 100,000lb in weight in the year.

Throughout the year, we've been on a tireless mission to inspire people to join the campaign, and we've had a lot of fun along the way! We've turned Northumberland Street into a gym with free exercise classes, had the Leader and Chief Executive of Newcastle City Council joining me to cook a healthy lunch for their staff, hosted yoga in Hodgkin Park, taken on the Great North 5k with Ross Noble and over a hundred Newcastle Can supporters, and had teams from businesses including HMRC, Your Homes Newcastle, Newcastle City Council and more taking part in a sports day and dodgeball competition!

We now have over 7,600 people in the city signed up to change their lives with Newcastle Can. We haven’t hit that 100,000 yet, but we are well on the way. Collectively we have lost 62,702 pounds in weight - and counting. That's an amazing achievement for Newcastle and I’m incredibly proud of the massive team effort it's taken to get there.

We’ve had brilliant feedback from so many fantastic people who have signed up for Newcastle Can, and used the resources of the campaign and the website to help drive really meaningful changes in their lives. I know that feeling part of something big, something city-wide, has really helped motivate people.

So what's next?

With so much momentum behind us (over 10,000lbs lost in just the last 3 weeks!) we are absolutely determined to keep going. What's really great news is that Newcastle City Council are keen to keep it up too, and we're going to be working closely with them in the months ahead to take Newcastle Can to the next level. We'll be building on the successes achieved already and exploring new ways to help Newcastle be a healthier city.

It would be crazy to stop when we’re doing so well, so watch out for Newcastle Can 2018. It starts now!

Finally, a massive thank you to each and every one of you that has signed up and got involved, and to our supporters across the city - it's been a privilege meeting many of you and working together to make all of this happen. We're looking forward to going from strength to strength with you all in 2018, with loads more ideas and city-wide projects to help you make the changes that you know will make you feel good. Please help spread the word and stay with us for the next part of the Newcastle Can adventure.


Love from Hugh and the Newcastle Can team.


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