Kerrie Can!

Kerrie Can!

"My motivation for joining Newcastle Can was that I wanted to get back to my pre-baby weight so that I am able to run around after my toddler. Losing my dad at a young age through type 2 diabetes and heart problems was also a big driver for me.

I had been thinking about losing weight but not actively doing anything so when I was invited to join the Newcastle Can campaign by one of the health advocates at our work, I decided to give it a go!

The health advocate set up a group of those interested. I was a bit dubious as some people just wanted to lose 4 or 5 pounds whereas I wanted to lose 20+ and keep the weight off long term. But I decided that I would see how it went. 

We set up a team on the Newcastle Can website and although I couldn’t see other individuals weight loss I could see the overall team and knowing that I contributed to this gave me a great feeling of personal achievement. On the weeks that I don't lose weight or have an off day, I am pointed back to the tips and advice on the Newcastle can website.

To date I have lost 29 lbs and I am continuing to lose weight. I'm on target to reach my goal this year and I feel this opportunity was at the right time for me and I have achieved the results I have so far due to the support of the team and the “banter” we have when one of us falls of the wagon!"

- Kerri Conder, HMRC Employee

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