Kate Can, and she's about to show you that YOU can too!

Kate Can, and she's about to show you that YOU can too!

We’re excited to let you know that we’re launching a Newcastle Can Cook cookery course with Food Nation. One of the teachers, Kate, has been on her own Newcastle Can journey over the past 18 months. Read her story below.

“I’ve battled with my weight for years, yo-yoing up and down but unable to find a sustainable long term plan or lifestyle change that I could stick to. I’d lose a stone or two and then gradually slip back in to my old ways and put it back on again. I successfully lost over 4 stones about 11 years ago, but due to very stressful times (postnatal depression and losing my Dad to Alzheimer’s) I put it all back on, plus another couple of stones for good measure!

In November 2016, following a hospital admission for gastro problems caused by food intolerances, I realised that enough was enough and that I really needed to stop messing around, shake my head out and get on with it. At approx. 7 stones overweight, I was struggling with aches and pains, a lack of energy and full of self-loathing. However, whilst in hospital I lost half a stone which really spurred me on.

Determined not to put this weight back on I joined a local weight loss group in January 2017 and having heard about Newcastle Can on social media, I decided to get involved. The combination of these two things have helped me to lose over 4 stone. I’ve had blips along the way but I’m back on track now and losing weight again, eating a good, balanced diet and still checking in on the Newcastle Can website.

For me, eating a good, protein rich breakfast has become a must. Poached eggs have become a favourite, with a slice of (gluten free for me) toast and I find that I’m full until lunch without the need to snack.

I have also started to take the time to sit and meal plan once a week. There are four of us in our family, myself, my husband and our teenage kids, so knowing in advance what we are having is really helpful and makes it much easier to resist the temptation to go out and buy unhealthy stuff at lunchtime. I always make my own lunch to take to work and on my day off tend to batch cook and freeze in portions so we always have things like soups, pasta sauces, curries etc. in the freezer for a quick meal.

The really hard part has been (and still can be) resisting the temptation to reach for the junk! Particularly as I’m an emotional comfort eater and turn to eating when I feel stressed or sad. I’ve gotten around this though by always having a range of healthy snacks in the house and not buying the unhealthy snacks very often.

I also find it difficult to make the time to exercise, which is something I really need to make a priority now as my weight loss has slowed right down. I have two dogs who I walk regularly but I definitely need to start doing something that gets the blood pumping! I recently found the Newcastle Can 5k training programme so I’ve I printed it off, dusted down my trainers and made a start on it last night along with my husband. Watch this space…

It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but my advice to others would be to never give up. Persevere until you something that works for you. Losing weight, eating healthily and exercising need to be a lifestyle choices rather than jumping back on the roundabout of going on yet another “diet”. You go at it hell for leather, lose a few pounds, have a bad week, gain a couple of pounds and say “to hell with it” and put the weight back on again. I’ve found that looking at it as a long-term plan is a much more sustainable way of managing my weight and trying to increase my fitness. I don’t want to go back to the way I was, and I think that’s the difference this time around. I also like to think that I’m setting my children (17 and 12) a good example and educating them about good food choices and nutrition. Although I have always been a stickler for providing them with a healthy diet, I wasn’t very good at adhering to the same principles for myself, which was rather hypocritical!

I’m currently working at Food Nation and starting next month, I am going to be teaching the brand new Newcastle Can Cook classes that Newcastle Can and Food Nation have teamed up to bring to the Newcastle Can community. I’m excited to share my story with others trying to achieve the same thing and to get to know more people from Newcastle Can whilst cooking and eating wholesome, healthy recipes together!”

-Kate Ross, Newcastle

Read more about the Newcastle Can Cook course here and book your place HERE!

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