Inspired Outsourcing pledge 1,000 lbs!

Inspired Outsourcing pledge 1,000 lbs!

"Here at Inspired Outsourcing, we have pledged to lose 1,000lbs of weight for the Newcastle Can initiative.

This is a big commitment. With over 160 call centre staff, that equates to around 6lbs each. Although not all of our staff may need to lose weight, we’re really aware that by taking part in this campaign we could all become that bit healthier, so we’re encouraging all of our staff to sign up. Plus the more that join, the easier the challenge becomes!

In order to make it as easy as possible to for our staff to join we have constructed a Newcastle Can Sign-Up station in the reception area of our office. We’ve also produced multiple posters and TV video promo’s to help encourage sign up from staff and include information in our newsletters and website explaining everything needed to know in order to get started with Newcastle Can.

Being part of Newcastle Council’s ‘Better Health at Work Award’ scheme has really helped as an incentive not just for us as a business, but for our employees also. We used this better health focus to acquire a partnership with Elite Fitness, offering a ‘bootcamp’ for weight loss to our staff. Both the Elite programme and Newcastle Can go hand in hand, where the aim for Elite is also to lose weight, so those on the programme simply update their weight diary on the Newcastle Can website after every weigh-in from Elite.

Our Newcastle Can Initiatives

We have some great activities that we’re already running or about to start which not only impact weight loss, but also help maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  • Stop the Pop Every Tuesday we require all our employees to give up any fizzy pop for something more healthier. Every time someone is caught on our ‘pop hunt’ they have to do an exercise forfeit of the manager's choice, as well as donate £1 to charity.
  • Ditch the Lift We are planning to start a ditch the lift initiative where a select number of people will have to use only the stairs for a certain period of time and we’ll have other staff watching out for any sneaky lift takers!
  • Inspired Running Club As we have signed up to the Great North Run again this year we plan to get a running club together out of hours.
  • Lunch & Breakfast Clubs We plan to get a group of people together and share recipes, meal plans for breakfast and lunch breaks, in an attempt to encourage more cooking from scratch and healthier meals..
  • Meat Free Mondays Vegetarian delight on a Monday! We’re cutting the meat every Monday to help our workforce consume the right nutrients away from their regular takeaways and the like.
  • Juice Day With a blender and lots of fruit we’ll be getting creative with our drinks and selling smoothies to contribute not only to our staff’s health but also to our charity partner.

We looked to get involve with Newcastle Can as an additional incentive to improve our workforce health. As we are in the running for a Better Health at Work award, we realised that Newcastle Can was the ideal initiative to complement this award, help boost our staff, give us focus and demonstrate the effects of all our improvements.

If we can do it, any business across Newcastle CAN!"

Article written by Steven Fee, Digital Marketing Executive at Inspired Outsourcing

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