I Can, You Can - We All Can! Getting Healthier Doesn’t Have To Be A Battle

I Can, You Can - We All Can! Getting Healthier Doesn’t Have To Be A Battle

If you carry out an online search for ‘weight loss’, ‘dieting’ or ‘fitness’ you will end up with thousands of webpages, all with different advice on how to achieve your body goals, whether this be to run a 10K or lose three stone. Unfortunately however, this advice is often conflicting and geared towards a short-term goal, after which the battle is seen to be won, and old habits threaten to take you right back where you started. Getting healthier is about a change of attitude first and foremost, and that has to happen before permanent lifestyle changes will follow.

The Right Attitude

Getting healthier isn’t just for that wedding you are going to, the holiday you have planned or your next birthday. It’s a lifelong pursuit, and although these short-term goals can help us find motivation, for others they can end up feeling disheartened and demotivated. If you see weight loss and increasing your fitness levels as a life long aim rather than just focussing on the short term, it means you can indulge a little more in moderation - and as long as you make an effort to balance it out. Embrace only sensible challenges, such as the NewcastleCan challenge to lose a pound a week, rather than desperately searching out websites that promise to help you lose a stone in a week - there will be a catch to these, and it will usually be to the detriment of your long-term weight loss.

The Right Food

There are a myriad of diet products on the supermarket shelves which people can turn to, and a further myriad of diets to be followed, but these need careful evaluation regarding their effectiveness. For a more holistic approach, the NHS Eatwell Guide is a great start.

Check out the Newcastle Can recipes here, they’re all simple and packed with lots of veggies. And check out this info on fuelling up for the day ahead.

The Right Exercise

It’s important to find the right exercise that works for you.

If you join a gym, make sure they show you the cardio and weights machines and don’t be scared to ask how to work them properly in future sessions if you forget.

You don’t even have to pay for a membership to commit to a fitness regime, there are plenty of fitness plans available on the internet, including Newcastle Can’s info and advice on exercise, getting active at home and the wonders of walking.If you can commit to doing some exercise most days each week - a walk, a swim, a fitness class, a workout DVD - you will be well on your way to getting fitter, but you should aim to push yourself a little further each session, even if this is just one extra length of the pool, or another 100 metres to your jog.

Increasing your weight loss and improving your fitness is not a week-long or month-long venture, it’s something that you need to carry through your years to see lasting results. Find what works for you - it may be a fitness buddy, a weight loss group, it may be a scheme you set yourself to buy yourself non-food related treats when you see you fitness increase. Above all remember that you CAN do it, as several others have done before you!

Article written by Jane Sandwood

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