HMRC Newcastle Can!

HMRC Newcastle Can!

"Teams from HMRC Newcastle have been promoting health and wellbeing at work, and have been involved in Newcastle City Council’s Better Health at Work campaign for almost ten years now.

When the Newcastle Can initiative started last year, we decided that this was something that would be beneficial for us to getting involved with as a way to further help our workforce in getting healthier and fitter.

We signed up at Newcastle Can and promoted the project through our Wellbeing Advocates (members of staff who are responsible for the health and wellbeing initiatives that we run). On the back of this, six Newcastle Can HMRC teams have been set up and staff are encouraged to join up and work together to get healthier.

We have promoted events that were being held in Newcastle using posters and emails, and the teams hold regular Weigh In sessions where staff can be weighed and have their BMI measured. One of our teams, “No Oval Plates”, has 43 members and between them they have lost over 500 pounds since the team started!

At the sessions, healthy recipes and exercise leaflets are available for staff. These are provided for staff and are free to take away.

We have also used the sessions to highlight nationwide health campaigns. During the course of the last year, we have promoted the importance of Nutrition and Hydration, the national Diabetes Week and Bowel Cancer Awareness Week.

We’ve found that Newcastle Can has been really positive for our staff, we’ve seen some amazing results and there are some truly amazing individual stories that have come from it.

We also had a HMRC team join – and win! – the Newcastle Can sports day back in January where they took the top of the league in dodgeball, table tennis and silly challenges.

We’re looking forward to keeping HMRC Can going in 2018!"

A big shout out to the HMRC 'No Oval Plates' team who lost the most amount of weight in March, shedding a whopping 68 pounds between them!

- David Smith, Health & Wellbeing Advocate, HMRC Newcastle

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