Healthy Eating - The Basics

Healthy Eating - The Basics

There’s endless information available to us on healthy eating, some of it helpful, some of it confusing! 

On this website you’ll find lots of guides, hints and tips to help you tackle the world of food and improve your eating habits. 

Here are just some of the basics:


The key to healthy living is moderation. Don’t cut out your favourite snacks or treats altogether – just monitor how often you have them. Most of the time we should focus on eating balanced, nutritious meals, but there’s no harm in the occasional treat!

Eat the rainbow

Eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables in different sizes, shapes and colours helps us get a variety of different nutrients that are good for us. Plus, it means that we can mix up what we’re eating and try new flavours rather than sticking to the same dishes and snacks all week. 

A balanced plate

Ensure that your plate contains at least one-third fruit and veg, one third carbohydrates and then one third spilt between protein and dairy. High sugar foods are for a treat, not part of a balanced plate.

Snack right

Keep fruit and vegetables handy so that if you do need a snack, you go for these rather than opting for crisps, chocolate and other unhealthy alternatives that you might be tempted by. Read more about snacking here.


Pre-packaged meals and takeaways are an easy option but so often full of salt, fat and sugar and devoid of the vitamins and fibre our bodies really need. But if you cook your own meals, you know exactly what goes into them. You’re in control and you can pack them with healthy veg, fruit and wholegrains – plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to put a healthy, home-cooked meal on the table.Have a look at these recipes for inspiration. 

Portion Sizes 

Keep an eye on how much you’re eating as well as what you’re eating. Check out this guide to portion sizes. Balance is key! Don’t feel bad for having a treat, just make sure it stays as just that and not a regular feature of your diet.

See the healthy eating section of the website for information on food, drinks, snacking and more.

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