Getting Sugar Smart in Newcastle!

Getting Sugar Smart in Newcastle!

Are you on a mission to cut back the sugar? Check out the below for some handy hints and tips, the latest from Change4Life and a new Newcastle initiative.


Change4Life is a national campaign with lots of information about healthy eating and physical activity for families. It’s all about making those small changes in your life which can have a big impact on your health and is worth signing up for at their website if you would like more information and support.  The free Change4Life Food Scanner app is a great way of checking for the amount of sugar, salt and fat in the food you buy (you can download it from the App Store or Google Play!).

Their latest campaign is asking people to “Make a swap when you next shop” to halve their children’s sugar intake from some everyday food and drinks.  Here are some ideas for doing just that!

  • switch a sugary juice drink for a no-added sugar juice drink, to cut back from 2 cubes to half a cube, or even better just opt for water!
  • a higher-sugar breakfast cereal (e.g. a frosted or chocolate cereal) for a lower sugar cereal, to cut back from 3 cubes to half a cube per bowl. Even better, make your own and you can control exactly what goes in - check out this recipe for overnight oats.


In Newcastle the Sugar Smart Newcastle partnership has recently launched with the aim to help people learn more about the effects of sugar and how to tackle its impact on they and their family’s health. The campaign is on a mission to reduce the sugar consumption and frequency of sugar intake across the city. 

Sugar Smart Newcastle will be taking place in a wide range of settings including schools, community settings, workplaces, universities and leisure facilities across the city and aims to create an environment where it should be easier for people to make healthier choices around the food and drink they have. Which in turn will help people to be a healthier weight and improve their dental health. What's not to love?!

Looking to cut back the sugar consumption? Try this challenge to ditch the sugary drinks.

You can follow Sugar Smart Newcastle on Twitter to see what they are up to and get involved at @SugarSmartNcl, or visit the website for more information.

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