Getting active with a disability

Getting active with a disability

Full mobility is not essential for enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle. The benefits of getting active are there for everyone - whether it’s cardio, strengthening or simply stretching.

If a disability, weight problem or illness has held you back, just start small until you discover a routine that works for you.

Short and regular spells of exercise could make a huge difference to you. It can significantly reduce risk of contracting major illnesses, help you lose weight, and there are also benefits to your mental health.

Whether you have a disability or are able-bodied, there are some fundamental rules of exercise which everyone should take note of. You should always to remember to warm up before engaging in physical activity, don’t overwork yourself, don’t add stress to any existing injury, stay hydrated and dress appropriately. Plus, we also recommend that you speak to your doctor before starting any physical activity programme.

While many gyms are accessible to wheelchair users, more and more traditional sports are also becoming increasingly inclusive with a growing popularity for groups playing wheelchair basketball, rugby, tennis, badminton and many other sports. Check out Pop-Up Gym for one such place that offers fantastic facilities specifically set up for people with spinal and neurological injuries. Read more about how one Newcastle Can member got hooked on exercise again after discovering the Pop-Up Gym here.

While increasing your participation in sports, it is important to make sure your body is able to cope with the added physical demands. Because of this, strength and conditioning exercises also become more important. For more information on fitness advice for wheelchair users, including how to get into different activities where you live CLICK HERE.

You can find more advice on getting active with a disability and working exercise into your daily routine from the NHS. There is also helpful advice on how to find accessible facilities, activities and classes in your area. CLICK HERE for more details.

Article written by: Newcastle City Council.

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