Getting active in 2018

Getting active in 2018

Along with eating well, exercise is really important when it comes to getting healthier and combing the two is the best method for losing weight. 

However, exercising doesn’t have to mean completing a 10k nor does it have to mean going to the gym or going to group exercise classes – it can be anything you like!

Walking to the shops in your lunch break, or walking out in the evenings with friends and family, getting off the bus or the metro one step earlier. Check out the free Active 10 app help you get into the habit of walking briskly for 10 minutes every day, or simply use your smart phone to see how many steps you take each day (it’s recommended that we try and reach 10,000 steps a day). Read more about the wonders of walking here. 

Dancing around your kitchen as you cook your dinner, or getting up and dancing, hula hooping or doing squats and lunges every time the adverts come on a programme that you’re watching.

Ditching the lift and taking the stairs, maybe one flight to begin but building on it each day or each week. Stair climbing is a great workout!

Swimming, cycling, skipping, playing ping pong or playing pool. 

If you fancy a gym class or an exercise class, then we’ve got lots of offers for you from supporters across the city.

If you like running or think you might like to start - check out our guide for places to go running in Newcastle or find your nearest Park Run, and see our guide from the Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic on how to prepare for running.

Our friends at Active Newcastle have loads of free activities to help you find which one is for you. From Nordic Walking to Tai Chi, they offer over 100 activities across the city delivered by fully qualified coaches who will support you throughout your journey - keep an eye out for upcoming Newcastle Can specific activities. Sign in to your Newcastle Can dashboard to see activities listed by day, or visit the Active Newcastle website to search for activities by postcode.  

Visit the exercise section of our website for more hints, tips and advice and above all - have fun!

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