From 22 to 12 stones, Kirsty CAN!

From 22 to 12 stones, Kirsty CAN!

One of our Newcastle Can teams and supporters of the campaign are Physiotherapy Matters, where one team member has an incredible weight loss journey that can inspire all of us.

"In the space of 18 months I went from 22 stone 7 pounds to 12 stone 11 pounds. By doing so I dropped from a size 26 to a 12. The most important statistic is that I’ve stayed at 12 stone for over a year.

My main reason for losing weight was an element of depression. I knew I needed to change but I was unsure how to go about doing so. I also had a skin condition which contributed to my depression. I saw a number of GP’s about this, some were sympathetic, others were a little more hard line. The last GP I saw was very supportive and gave me some specific methods to try and lose weight. She also pointed me toward a local weight loss group. I had tried it before but failed. My GP advised that I should give it another try. This time it worked.

I had tried multiple different diets and methods before, but all had failed. Particularly the diets that resulted in me cutting out real food and replacing them with shakes or bars - I often ended up drinking the shakes and also eating the same amount which as you can image, didn’t lead to great results.

However, this time I stuck at it. I started at 22 stone 7 and initially the weight fell off.  It was so satisfying to know that week on week I was achieving my goals.  I ended up losing 7 stones in the first year. 

Having the support of my partner and family has been invaluable - they know my routines and cooking preferences.  My partner cooks food the way I need it and that’s the same across the whole of my family.  It’s so useful if your family are involved in your weight loss strategy rather than being on the side-lines.

At work it has been the same - physio’s are generally a healthy bunch, the environment of a physiotherapy clinic and the positive attitude that Physiotherapy Matters has really helped me achieve my aims.

Everyone has “wobble” moments and it’s never a totally smooth journey.  Towards the end there might have been some complacency and occasionally I did slip back. But the occasional wobble is okay and I keep reminding myself that this is a lifestyle change.

If anyone’s starting a journey similar to mine, I would encourage them to find a strategy that works for you. Perseverance is the biggest factor. You need willpower, a personal reason to establish why you want to lose weight, and you need to be in the right frame of mind.

Having lost the amount of weight that I have, I now understand the stresses and pressure that the body is exposed to when you are overweight. I no longer have joint pain which was a common occurrence when I was overweight. I can now walk feeling totally free and comfortable. I previously struggled to cross a road without feeling breathless. The weight loss has meant I have so much energy, this helps me to exercise even more.

My lifestyle has changed so much over the past 2 years, from being depressed, unfit and living on chocolate, biscuits, crisps and beige processed freezer food. Now I am the happiest I have ever been, confident and my fitness is improving. I now cook all meals from scratch, no processed foods, though I do allow myself a little treat now and again - all in moderation!

I’m planning a wedding in January next year, and it’s been a brilliant reason to continue to eat well and stay active! I can’t wait."

- Kirsty 

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