Exposing lies and smashing excuses - Sally's Story

Exposing lies and smashing excuses - Sally's Story

"Newcastle Can came along at just the right time for me. Over many years at a desk job, caring for my kids (one of whom is disabled) and minimal exercise meant my weight had crept up and up. I suffer with depression and anxiety which make medication side effects and stress eating contributing factors to my weight gain too.

I knew I needed to lose weight to improve my health, but felt overwhelmed by the amount of changes I’d need to make. Because Newcastle Can highlighted small, sustainable changes it gave me a starting point.

First I cut unhealthy snacks at work. Once that had become a habit I started cutting unhealthy snacks at home too. I'm not claiming I never have sweet treats, but because I’m now recording what I eat each day it’s easier to keep track and compensate by eating less later. Once I’d made those changes it was easier to make more.

Newcastle Can's open day at local gyms got me through the gym door for the first time. There was a feeling of strength in numbers, it was OK to go because I wouldn’t be the only one there who hadn’t exercised for years. And I found out the gym wasn’t as terrifying as I’d thought, and signed up.

Several months in my weight loss had stalled, which is when I saw Newcastle Can calling for entrants in the Great North 5K. I hadn’t run since school, wasn’t certain I could, but decided to give it a go. The training pushed me, but I made it, and now running has become a habit too. I’d have been terrified starting a 5K alone, but among the Newcastle Can wave I was part of a community who all supported each other.

So far this year I’ve lost 19lbs, lost over 20cms off my waist, got physically healthier and much more confident. I’ve cooked from scratch more, exercised much more and smiled more. I’ve learned I can do things I didn’t believe I could, and I’m not planning on stopping any time soon. If I can do it, anyone can, and Newcastle Can."

- Sally Allen 

Read more about Sally's journey on her blog here. 

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