If you’re taking the dry January challenge then why not log your pounds lost on Newcastle Can.

Cutting out the booze and going dry for the month of January will help you lose weight. Alcohol is really high in calories and often leads us to eat more than we normally would with late night takeouts and hangover recoveries.

If you’re taking the dry January challenge, you might really notice the difference in your weight by the end of the month.

Along with weight loss, there are a number of other health benefits in having a month off booze. An alcohol-free month has a positive impact on blood sugar levels, blood pressure and is really good for your liver. Plus, around 60% of people who complete Dry January say they are drinking less six months later and enjoying healthier, happier lifestyles.

Find out more and sign up for Dry January here then log your weight loss by logging onto your Newcastle Can dashboard.

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