A massive shout out to the Newcastle City Council team, who for the second month in a row lost the most amount of weight out of our Newcastle Can business teams. This month they lost 66 pounds, taking their total weight loss to 230lb! Check out their Team Captains pictured above.

And huge kudos to Team Downsizers from HMRC who lost the most amount of weight on average per team member at 4.5lb! Amazing work.

Nice work to all of our business teams, loads of you upped your pounds lost last month.

The challenge for December is now on!

Can your team keep it going over the holiday season?

We’re challenging our business teams to see who can lose the most amount of weight during December. Is your team tough enough?

The business team that loses the most will win an amazing opportunity from Tyne and Wear Sport. A FREE activity day for your workplace using up to £200 of kit from this list: 

Some businesses make equipment available over lunch breaks, others have inter-company tournaments. A member of the team will advise the winning business on ideas and options, and will be there on the day of hire to ensure the equipment is setup correctly.

We'll also be announcing online and giving a HUGE shout out across our website and social media to the team that loses the most average weight per person during December.

Good luck!

Images: Hugh's cooking demo (left), Newcastle City Council Team Captains (right)

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