Christmas Can!

Christmas Can!

With the holiday season nearing it’s important to try and stay on track with your health. You’ve worked hard to lose weight, so don’t undo it all over the holidays - you’ll only regret it afterwards.

We’ve got lots of challenges to help you keep on track, pick a few of these to try over the next few weeks, and see if you can lose 1 or 2 pounds a week in the lead up to Christmas.

Hints and tips to help you survive the holiday season

Eat healthy most of the time

Don’t give up on eating healthily just because it’s the holiday season. Enjoy yourself and indulge occasionally but not three times a day, everyday.

Watch your portions

Enjoy the good food, but not in excess. Try and keep your portions under control - check out our guide on weight loss and portion sizes.

Plan ahead

If you know that you’ll be eating out in the evening then plan ahead for the rest of the day so that you can balance out your choices with lighter options earlier on.

But, don’t skip meals

Balance your meals, but don’t skip breakfast or lunch just because you’re eating out. It might result in the opposite effect and see you eating even more because you’re so hungry.

Stay active

It’s tempting to stay in our PJs and not leave the house but getting out and getting active is really important all year round, especially if you are eating more than usual. Plus it’ll help shake off any late nights!

Don’t drink too much

It’s hard not to over the holiday season and with all the gatherings and parties, but booze is really calorific (and often comes with a late night takeout). Try not to overdo it with the drink this Christmas. Your wallet and your waist will thank you. 

If you’re wondering how many calories are in your drinks then check out WCRF UK’s alcohol calorie calculator to see how much you’re consuming each week or on a big night out, and see how cutting back could have a massive difference on your weight.

Watch out for the festive specials

Be warned that there may be A LOT of sugar and calories hiding in your festive specials. A venti gingerbread latte from Starbucks has 412 calories and 48.3g of sugar whilst a massimo Billionaire’s hot chocolate from Costa has a 789 calories and of 79.3g sugar!

Check out MAN v FAT’s ultimate guide to festive drinks.

Stick with what you know

If you’ve found routines that work for you then stick with them - don’t throw them out of the window just because it’s Christmas.

Don’t eat unnecessarily

There might be loads of temptation around, but try not to eat extra just because it’s there.

Eat more fruits and veggies

Take advantage of the new seasonal fruits and veggies - enjoy some homemade winter warming dishes. Pack the vegetables in this Christmas!

Enjoy yourself!

Don’t feel guilty for having a bit of indulgence and end up starving yourself the next day. Just move on but try to limit how much it happens. Check out these tips for bouncing back from a binge.

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