Changing your Mind-set for Positive Results

Changing your Mind-set for Positive Results

Your mind-set has an enormous impact on your ability to stay the course and turn results. Hard as it may seem, if you look hard enough, there is always a way of turning any seemingly negative situation or thought into a positive one. Check out these 5 quick hacks to help turn your thinking about food and exercise around. 

1. Exercise/Working Out feels like a Chore.

It doesn’t have to be! What has possibly led you to this conclusion might be that you’ve tried a few different activities and didn’t enjoy them. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to do it. But the key is not to give up and don't stop looking – trust that you will come across some form of activity that you genuinely do enjoy, be it running, swimming, dancing, cycling, martial arts, group classes, whatever. It doesn’t matter what it is that you like – but when you find it, you won’t put it on the to do list and dread doing it. Take a look at this article on exercising your way.

2. The Scales Rule.

Not necessarily! Looking at your weight as an isolated factor can be misleading. It is also important to also take into account how you feel and think about the non-scale wins – losing a cm around your waist, dropping a dress size, just generally feeling better, people paying you compliments. Don’t focus it all on how much you weigh but on the other wins too. And don’t be too disheartened if your weight stays the same - if you are exercising more then this may be down to developing lean muscle. How you look and feel can be additional indicators of whether your regime is working for you than just the figure on the scales.

3. I’ve been working out and dieting for weeks and nothing has changed, it’s not working.

Don’t give up! It may take some time to see lasting change when you start a programme of exercise or change your nutrition. What you should notice fairly quickly though is an increase in your energy level. Why not focus on this and how good it feels. Stay focused on your long term goals and what caused you to change your lifestyle in the first place. You will get there.

4. I don’t want to deprive myself of my favourite food or drinks, I’ll be missing out. 

You don't have to ban foods or cut anything out completely, but think about making the less healthy items more of occasional treats, rather than the norm. Rather than giving something up, think of what you’re gaining. That might be gaining energy day to day and enjoying your life more. Extra self esteem and self respect. You’re not giving things up, you’re gaining new and better qualities in your life. Remember this. Check out our articles on healthy eating with hints and tips on making small changes here.

5. It doesn’t matter whether I look after myself or not. 

Quite often we humans can be like the proverbial frogs in a pan of water – you don’t notice things are not right until it’s too late. It can take an illness, family or friend’s illness, some shocking event to make us take stock of what is important and how we are treating ourselves and our bodies. Sometimes we need that wake up call to shake us up. Why not be ahead of the curve? Change your habits just in a small way and watch how the changes stack up. Small changes really can lead to big results. 

Good luck and let us know how you get on by posting on social media using #NewcastleCan! 

Thanks to Tina at YourFit Newcastle for this blog post!

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