5 tips to help you get active

5 tips to help you get active

It's time to break away from old unhealthy habits and make small lifestyle changes that over time can change your life both physically and mental.

The feel good factor from adding some form of exercise into your weekly routine can instil a whole new feeling of self confidence and zest for life.

Here are 5 tips to for getting exercise into your life TODAY!

1. Make time!

Lighter nights are on the way so why not commit to walking or running from home from work 2 -3 times a week. Its time effective and costs you nothing. If the commute is too long, then perhaps just walk one bit of it - get on the bus later, or get off earlier, or head to the gym on your way home.

2. Start small and create goals

Starting exercise can be daunting, so ease yourself in. Start doing 10 minutes at time. Focus on doing a little bit here and there - squats, lunges, press ups, burpees, running on the spot will burn fat, boost your metabolism and help you instantly feel better and stronger.

3. Banish excuses

YOU can do it, as many others have done before. Persevere - remember making excuses burns zero calories!

4. Small hacks

Make it easier for yourself. Get your kit out the night before so it's ready to take with you. Organise to do some activity with a friend. Build it into your day. Check out some ideas of exercises that you can do at home.

5. Mix it up

You don't have to do the same exercise all the time, and you don't have to do the same exercise as other people. Find what works for you and mix it up if you get bored easily. From walking to hula hooping to getting a mini trampoline for your house or garden.

All my above tips can be started TODAY! Make a commitment to yourself, set some goals for along the way and if you need someone with you, have a think about joining a class, a Bootcamp or speaking to a personal fitness consultant.

- Article and image by David Fairlamb, David Fairlamb Fitness.

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