30 healthy eating and weight loss tips

30 healthy eating and weight loss tips

Here are top 30 health tips from David Fairlamb to help you on your journey to feel better, lose weight, re-energise and supercharge your metabolism! Share what works for you in the comments below.

1. Ditch 'white death' in other words cut back on as much sugar as possible, especially sugar rich fizzy drinks

2. You can't out train a bad diet - 80% of losing weight is down to eating the correct food

3. Train smart, seek advice and make sure you are eating and exercising correctly targeting what you want to achieve. (Sign up to Newcastle Can and you'll get loads of info from the professionals!)

4. Cut processed food from your shopping list, if its not in the house you wont be tempted

5. Drink 2-3 litres of water per day, as well as keeping you hydrated it will help stave off hunger and keep you fuller for longer

6. Avoid shopping when you are hungry, this can lead to you buying unnecessary items such as quick fix processed food

7. 75% of diet and exercise regimes fail within the first 3 weeks, unless you set yourself a target. Always have short and long term goals

8. Snacking during the day may have become a habit, eating more protein based main meals should help as would will stay fuller for longer. Here's some info on how to get started when it comes to healthy eating

9. Exercise more, join a class or a group, do something different, this will also give you more confidence. (Check out all the events listed when you sign into Newcastle Can!)

10. If you are looking to lose weight and feel fresh cutting down on alcohol is a good place to start (check out more on alcohol from Newcastle Can here)

11. Boost your metabolism by adding different spices to your food

12. Exercise in short quick bursts. Make interval training a priority to help you become fitter, stronger and get those feel good factor endorphins flowing

13. Be accountable to someone, make sure you hit your targets on a regular basis and have it checked by a third party this will help you stay focused

14. Think out the box and set yourself a brand new challenge or target attempt something you have never done before, this will freshen thinks up for you

15. Make one or two changes to your daily food intake to help you lose weight eg if you have 4 slices of bread a day cut it to 2. You will save 730 slices a year. Small every day changes over time can change your life.

16. Preparation is the key, plan your weeks meals. Too busy to eat healthily is not an excuse. Check out Hugh's Newcastle recipes here and share yours online with #NewcastleCan

17. Excuses are a sign of weakness, be positive and attack your targets. When you hit them set more challenges therefore progress is continual

18. Take a Vitamin D supplement during the winter, this will help promote musculoskeletal health and can improve your mood

19. Add more healthy vegetables to your diet and steam them, it takes minutes. I would recommend asparagus and broccoli

20. Go to bed earlier and try to sleep longer, the benefits are endless, constant lack of sleep can promote the stress hormone cortisol, which can increase your appetite and therefore lead to possible weight gain

21. Eating lean and clean food means you don't need to worry about portion sizes

22. Berries - blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are the great for you and low in natural sugar

23. Mix your training up, your body will get used to the same workout and tempo very quickly. Change the resistance, speed, weight and order of training on a regular basis

24. Not sure where to start with exercise - take yourself out for a walk, over time progress your distance and speed. See if you can add a jog, then run. As your fitness builds look to vary the type of exercise eg class and so on...... you have to start somewhere!

25. Motivate yourself - use technology to monitor your steps per day, look to improve weekly

26. Kick your metabolism in to action every morning by eating breakfast - lose the sugary sweet cereals though...look towards eggs (get ideas for more breakfast swaps here)

27. The best meal - lean meat or fish with a load of green vegetables. Plain fresh food is your path way to leanness. Read more on food that fills you up from Newcastle Can here.

28. 100 sit ups a day will help strengthen your core but will not progress you to a six pack unless you are also eating correctly

29.  Ditch any thoughts of thinking fad diets work long term. They will often mislead you, cost you the earth and lead to disappointment. If you want it badly enough you just need to make a few consistent changes to your daily life. If you say strong mentally you will succeed.

30. Why not donate all your chocolate, sweets and leftovers, this way any temptation has gone!

Those who feel they have a long way to go on their health and weigh loss journey, think again. Combining the right food with exercise and your life could be transformed in a matter of weeks!

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