12 Festive Food Swaps

12 Festive Food Swaps

The holiday season is a notoriously hard time to lose weight or keep weight loss off, but we’ve got some healthier festive food swap for you from World Cancer Research Fund UK (WCRF UK) to help you keep on track with your Newcastle Can journey.

Traditional pork stuffing -- Sage and onion stuffing

Benefits: Traditional pork stuffing has 185 calories and 10.4g fat per serving whereas sage and onion stuffing has just 100 calories and 1.3g fat. Or make your own apple, sage and quinoa stuffing which has even less calories. Check out this recipe from WCRF UK.

Roast potatoes -- Boiled potatoes

Benefits: Roast tatties might be at the heart of every Christmas dinner but try switching them out of all the other meals and saving them as a treat for the main affair or having half and half. Boiled potatoes have way less calories and barely any fat compared to roast potatoes.

Crisps --  Light, salted popcorn

Benefits: Fewer calories and less fat. Homemade popcorn is always best to avoid the high fat, sugar or salt content in some commercial brands, plus it is fun to make!

Cheese straws -- Cheese crispbread thins

Benefits: Almost half the calories and a fraction of the fat, but just as crispy and satisfying!

Sour cream dip -- Salsa dip

Benefits: One tablespoon of sour cream dip has almost five times more calories and almost 17 times more fat! If you’re a fan of the dips then dip your cheese crispbread thins (of course!) into a salsa rather than a sour cream dip.

Liver pate -- Roast Salmon pate

Benefits: Roast salmon pate has almost half the amount of calories compared to liver pate. Plus, salmon pate is lower in fat and saturated fats, so is a healthier choice compared to liver pate.

Roasted salted nuts -- Roasted chestnuts

Benefits: Roasted salted nuts are much more calorific with 184 calories and 16g fat per average (30g) handful compared to just 74 calories and much less fat at 0.7g per average handful of roasted chestnuts.

Mince pie -- Mini mince pie

Benefits: The humble mince pie generally tends to be pretty fatty. Switch them out for mini versions so you still get the taste but less calories, or make your own Mincemeat and cranberry filo tartlets with this recipe from WCRF UK. One full mince pie has around 250 calories compared to 80 calories in a mini mince pie.

Chocolate orange -- Chocolate dipped satsuma

Benefits: Less calories, less fat and the benefits of some real fruit containing fibre and vitamins from the satsuma!

Christmas cake -- Raisin sponge cake

Benefits: As delicious as it is, Christmas cake comes with loads of icing and marzipan which are filled with sugar and calories. Try some raisin sponge cake instead for a lighter version with way less calories. There are 280 calories in one slice of Christmas cake compared to around 180 in one slice of raisin cake.

Mulled wine -- Spiced apple warmer

Benefits: About a third of the calories! Delicious and warming but without the alcohol and therefore without a lot of the calories and harmful effects – try this spiced apple warmer recipe from WCRF UK.

Champagne -- Gin and slim line tonic

Benefits: Alcohol is pretty calorific and Christmas tends to be the time that we all drink more, so rethink your drinks and opt for some of the lighter choices when you can. Use WCRF UK’s alcohol calorie calculator to see how much you’re consuming each week or on a big night out, and see how cutting back could have a massive difference on your weight.

Download this PDF for calorie and fat information and comparisons in each of the above food swaps. 

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